Coherence is the state achieved when separate parts form a harmonious, unified whole.  My goal is to help you achieve ideal health of your body and mind so that you can accomplish your goals and lead a rich, rewarding life.  I am  specially trained to diagnose and treat coexisting  physical and mental health concerns using integrative approaches that work synergistically to produce positive results. 

Elizabeth Palmer, AP, LCSW, MPH

Practice Philosophy :  

Elizabeth Palmer has 20 years of experience in the fields of mental health, public health, and health education. She completed a dual master’s degree program at the University of South Florida in Clinical Social Work and Public Health with a specialization in maternal and child health. She is a Florida licensed Acupuncture Physician and licensed psychotherapist . 

She has worked in hospice, home health, community mental health, and private clinical practice settings with adults and children. Her teaching experience includes college level instruction as well as individual and small group instruction at the elementary, middle and high school levels. 

The culmination of her experiences in mental and public health led her to research alternative modalities that would assist individuals in developing mind-body wellness. Elizabeth chose to study traditional Chinese medicine due to the integration of the body, mind and spirit within the health and disease spectrum. An important tenet in Eastern philosophies is quieting the mind and dwelling in the present thus promoting emotional regulation and overall health.